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Troop 234–A Local Force For Good

Welcome to Troop 234.  Troop 234 is a Boy Scout Troop in Port Hueneme, California.  Est. in 19?? we are very proud of our Troop as it stands today.  The Troop meets on the SeaBee Chapel of the Port Hueneme Naval Base.  Our Troop is also sponsored by "the Island", a group which is part of the Veteran's Home of Ventura.  Troop 234 accepts both military and civilian families, however, is not ashamed of Scouting or our Troop's strong military patriotism.

The Troop lives by the founder of Scouting, Robert Baden-Powell's quote: "The uniform makes for brotherhood, since when universally adopted it covers up all differences of class and country."  The purpose of the Boy Scouts, and our Troop, is simple, to establish the values of leadership, respect, teamwork, and reverence through the skills of first aid, fire starting, map & compass, knot tying, and many others.

We encourage you to look through the public part of our site to find useful information about Scouting and our Troop.  We hope you may consider Scouting values as something important to you, and consider joining Troop 234.

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